I’M not twenty anymore not enough time, need fervour,
to bite Life to crunch every moment, to see all the colours…

I want The warmth, the shock noT the false, I need fever,
I WANT to vibrate, live profoundly and take off!


NA NA NA NA NA NA YOUNG, I so much need to dream …

NA NA NA NA NA NA YOUNG, of the routine
I'd like to escape !!

NA NA NA NA NA NA YOUNG, so much need to assert me

NA NA NA NA NA NA YOUNG, to be useful, to love …


In front of so many lacks I become crazy,
should I hold up a bank?

I’m afraid TO COCK EVERYTHING, to be contaminated,
to finish stamped, tramp!

In the town we really see everything,
the others poverty is everywhere, each its trip anyway!

You walk or you die, I have two three jobs and then a dream,
I'd like to give birth to increase it to reality!


NA NA NA NA NA NA YOUNG, I so much need to advance…

NA NA NA NA NA NA YOUNG, of the routine
I'd like to escape!

NA NA NA NA NA NA YOUNG, I so much need to exist,

NA NA NA NA NA NA YOUNG, the pure air to breathe…


Stop to pollute, to CHOKE OUR CHESTS!

My fucking fears make me give up, automated without stumble!

I’m for the money well shared not of the one born to lose!

But  money is the nerve of all the wars of the worlds
which fool us!

cause one day
the sun will go down on my youth!...


YOUNG! YOUNG! Think about it YOUNG!



words and lead vocal : UNITY ART

MUSIQUE AND background vocals: Serge Haouzi

All rights reserved by the Authors.


Translation : Unity Art.

Unity Art
Native American Ritual
She’s one
Sensual prayer of the soul
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Titre: Young
Année de création : 2006
Durée : 4'6 / MP3 / 5.11 Mo
Réf. s3-005.mp3
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